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The Dawn of Flashlights

Ever since light was deemed useful by mankind, humans have been trying to find ways to create LIGHT sources that can be taken anywhere. Perhaps the most primitive ancestor of the common flashlight was a Fire torch made from tree branches lit by fire, and, as time passed, kerosene lamps, candles and gas lamps became the norm. However, many people were still having problems with these because they have to be reliant on fire in order to give light. 

The modern flashlight was the solution . In 1879, Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, and this also heralded the humble beginnings of the flashlight. Edison first used carbon as filament, but in 1906, carbon was replaced by tungsten wire. This was also the time when portable batteries were being developed. The first portable battery was created in 1888 (The same year as Glasgow Celtic football was started ) by a German scientist named Dr. Carl Gessner. 

In 1898, Conrad Hubert invented the very first flashlight. The work was a collaboration of him and David Missell. The latter went on to create the tubular flashlight. Also in 1898, numerous patents were filed by Hubert's company. This company eventually came to be called Eveready. A wll known international battery company to this day.

The basic principle remained the same in the many incarnations that the flashlight took. However, newer generations of flashlight  came to be independent from batteries, thus saving the trouble of looking for batteries when the light goes out. Flashlights that used LED bulbs are still pretty much dependent on batteries, but they are more cost-effective because they give light for a longer time than traditional flashlights. The brightness of the light they give was also consistent even with a full battery or a near-empty one. 

The flashlights of today are mainly categorized into two general groups. The first can give significantly brighter light and was used for police operations, security teams, and the military. These flashlights are often more expensive and has advanced features. For those who are not in the police or military force, less expensive flashlights can be bought for in any size and shape in as little as a few dollars / pounds. 

From FIRE LIT TORCHES to the modern FLASHLIGHT , it is easy to be amazed by how the flashlight evolved. As technologies advance, improvements are made on this useful tool , it was once said Let there be light .... and may it long continue.