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Ambient Lighting: Torches and Lanterns


Torches that run on batteries can be used as emergency lights. They can be taken anywhere; on camps, out-of-town trips, or even when there is a power failure. Lanterns that run on oil , kerosene or gas are also generous with light and its natural flame can adequately light your way. Natural fuels can be more convenient than electricity because they can still power your emergency torch even if there is a power blackout. Candle lanterns, on the other hand, are more cost-efficient and less noisy than other lanterns. These lanterns can provide heat as well as light, making it more useful. On warm summer evenings, you can use this type of lantern to do your cooking outside without having to break in your barbecue grill. 

If you're looking for lighting that adds ambiance to outdoor activities and events, torches and lanterns can effectively provide a pleasant feel to the place, especially when complimented by the starry sky. If you like to spend time in the outdoors, you may find this appealing. Your garden, patio, or porch can be illuminated with a glow that is cozy and comfortable. If you want ideas for accent lighting, lanterns are an excellent way to provide the light you want. Torches for patio lighting can be the fixed or portable type. Torches are more generous with light, hence they can become more useful for outdoor events such as garden parties. Garden lanterns can also serve to highlight selected parts of your garden. A wide variety of lights exist in the market that is both useful and aesthetically appealing. Granite lanterns are popular for adding character to your patio or garden and become showpieces for guests at the same time. 

Solar torches are popular for lighting pathways, pools, gardens, or just about any part of your property. They are usually available in different materials: bamboo, metals like steel and aluminum, and stone. Torches can run on oil or gas. One type of torch that is also popular uses propane as fuel. These are safe to use, especially when you go out camping. Gas-powered torches are also available in the market. One advantage of this type of torch is that its flame can be adjusted, thus minimizing the risk of the flame going out when there is wind. 

Tiki torches can be used to add ambiance to barbecue parties. They can provide the right festive atmosphere for your parties. There are online shops that cater to your lighting needs. You can choose from portable ones that can be put away when you don't need them, or those that can be installed permanently around your property. Bamboo Tiki torches add charm and beauty to your property, and they're available in your nearest garden store. These torches often use paraffin or citronella oil for fuel. Citronella oil is useful for warding off insects. You can also choose Tiki torches made of metals like steel, copper, or aluminum if you want it to last longer.